Deratech Group specialises in designing and manufacturing sheet metal working machines. The headquarters for research, design and assembly is based in Belgium. Subsidiaries all over the world (Australia, China, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, UAE, etc) and carefully selected partners provide world-class advice, sales installation, and service.

Deratech Group’s vision is to bring high-quality machines to market at an acceptable price, without sacrificing the quality of the parts and components. Deratech Group specialises in Press Brakes, Shears, Turret Punching, Fiber Laser, Automation, and Punch Laser Combi solutions.

Deratech Press Brakes

Deratech can manufacture press brakes with a bending force up to 1500 ton with the HD Ultima. Products like the Ultima Minibend are ergonomically designed, to achieve the best possible working conditions in any application possible.

Deratech offers an extensive range of CNC press-brake machines including heavy-duty versions with a bending force up to 2.000 ton and bending length up to 10 meters, eventually in tandem execution. There is electric, hybrid and hydraulic versions.

Deratech Turret Punching

The DINAMICA turret punching machine offers a servo-mechanically drive punching stroke which is CNC-controlled. Deratech offers unmatched high-performance punching, energy saving, reliability and outstanding accuracy.

Deratech offers the DINAMICA series. A modern, high-quality servo-electric punching machine with 20 or 30 ton capacity. A thick-turret tooling system, that is heavy built and has a heat-annealed machine frame. It is possible to punch sheets of up to 4000 x 2000 mm with only one repositioning.

Want to know more? Contact Punch Tooling NZ for more information on Deratech Press Brakes, and Turret Punching.

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