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Impax Tooling

Impax Tooling Solutions® manufacture high-quality stamping products that are more affordable than their ball lock equivalents. Impax headed tooling is fully configurable, available in a range of tool steels, with performance-enhancing tool coating and surface treatment. Impax headed punches and die buttons have the fastest delivery times in the industry. With over 50 years of experience solving the most challenging fabrication issues, Impax can provide bespoke solutions for your particular requirements. There’s a wide range from standard solid punches, to extended range, heavy duty, pilot punches and more.


Wilson Tool International provides a range of retainers for stamping applications including headed, ball lock, square, end and custom retainers. If you’re looking to manufacture custom retainers in-house with ease and speed, check out the time-saving HP Accu-Lock® Special Retainer Inserts. Get back to production quickly without waiting for a custom retainer to arrive.

HP Accu-Lock® Special Retainer Inserts

Create new special retainers in-house, modify and reuse existing retainers and hold punches securely and accurately with the HP Accu-Lock® Retainer. Cut your lead times from several weeks to a day and significantly reduce waste.

Exacta Tooling SolutionsTM

The Exacta Tooling SolutionsTM line of punching and die components is ideal for affordable, configurable tooling. If you want a budget-conscious product that doesn’t require the performance enhancements of the Impax line, consider Exacta products.

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